Con nuestra nueva campaña de Buenos Aires Language Compañías amigas, si tu empresa toma o está pensando tomar clases de Idiomas con Buenos Aires Language y nos recomienda a otra empresa que también requiera nuestros servicios, la empresa en la que trabajás puede capacitar a un empleado de con CLASES DE IDIOMAS PRIVADAS GRATUITAMENTE!!! (particulares)

With Buenos Aires Language´s new Friendly Companies if the enterprise you work for is taking or is thinking about taking language courses with us, and recommends another company which requires our services, one employee of your company can get PRIVATE LANGUAGE EDUCATION for free!!!


About buenosaireslanguage

Buenos Aires Language is a language school which was born in the earlies 2000, that was founded by university teachers that decided to transfer their knowledge on education to the private field. Due to the ever changing nature of the world, they designed an institute which is located in a neural spot of Buenos Aires (at the very best place in Palermo), focusing on comfort, convenience, relax and applied pedagogy, alowing the students to learn a foreign language in an efective and relaxing way.

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